Modern technologies in heavy engineering

Today, the world of large sizes and masses is particularly sensitive and receptive to achievements in such fields of knowledge as metallurgy, chemistry, electronics, programming, because the constructive capabilities of vehicles for heavy and oversized cargoes are approaching their limit, and the struggle goes for every kilogram, for every centimeter and the minute of time won on the route.

The main general direction of Liebherr crane parts is the reduction of its own weight as the lifting capacity increases. In this direction, the achievements of metallurgy and welding are used, but progressive methods of designing, visualization, digital prototyping, modeling of loads, and stressful situations have become especially valuable for the industry. Development has become much faster, at times more economical and more efficient. Simultaneously, an empirical experience accumulates, which clarifies calculations and algorithms.

gray steel crane

The second direction of LTM concrete is modularity. Modularity becomes relevant for vehicles with a carrying capacity of over 70-80 tons primarily because of economic considerations. Modularity leads to the formation of transport solutions from elements by different manufacturers, and in this light for the carrier, compatibility of the elements becomes particularly important.

Manoovr – the best solution

Manoovr would not be so maneuverable without an improved hydraulic pendulum suspension providing a minimum loading height of 780 mm, with wheels measuring 245/70 R17.5, the course of the suspension is 500 mm, the angle of rotation of the axle assembly is 70° in both directions, and the load is 12 tons per the axial line.

The Manoovr range includes wheeled trolleys with a number of axle lines from 3 to 8 with a sliding mechanism and without it, multi dolly front trolleys with two or three axle lines with the same characteristics, hydraulic geese and cargo areas. Rear trolleys are made with a recess for the excavator handle 300 mm deep or without it. The Manoovr sub-object is lightweight semi-trailers with 3-5 axle lines with a carrying capacity of up to 100 tons, intended primarily for transportation of construction equipment.

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