Lift axle working principle: investment in cost reduction

Distribution of loads on the chassis of the semitrailer directly affects the safety of traffic. It is worth mentioning that the constructive calculations did not become a limit to the creativity of engineers. One of the solutions to this problem, the uniform distribution of the load, is thanks to the lifting axle of the semitrailer.

Double benefit from the project

If we talk about the semitrailer, the lifting axle is really a weighty resource. Modern systems are fully automated, and therefore the driver cannot extract all the benefits from the fact that it is possible to redistribute loads on the axle on the fly.

What for it can be required will be asked only by one who has never slipped on the ascent. However, this can be avoided. In the case of the lifting axle of a semi-trailer that has a load, the lift will redistribute the load so that:

  • the rear part of the trailer will assume the rest of the load of the lifted axle
  • the frame will receive a small bend (provided by the designers)
  • the greatest load will be on the point of the tractor-trailer
  • the pressure of the tractor tires on the road will increase substantially.


As a result, you will get a semblance of a rocker, in which the point of traction is where the grip is needed. That part of the “rocker”, where the load is not needed, works as a support. This kind of load distribution will help to get into any hill even on ordinary tires. This is necessary in order to understand how the lifting axle of the semitrailer can be lifted forcibly, even for a loaded trailer.

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Features of use

When driving in a straight line, the fuel consumption is noticeably reduced, due to the reduction of resistance and due to the reduction of the load on bends.

Naturally, such a system, as well as with a conventional drawbridge, can be activated only when the trailer is not loaded, but only as an aid at the beginning of the movement. In addition, if used improperly, the effectiveness of the brakes will be reduced, so it is prohibited to activate the system if you plan to accelerate to a speed exceeding 20 km/h.