The ocean transport for the bulk lift became the workshop subject for Break bulk in 2016

Barge transportation was a part of the agenda for the Break bulk Americas forum in 2016. The heavy-lift technical workshop was devoted to that subject demonstrating the potential of the modern ocean transport.

Cornelis “Cees” Coppens became the instructor for the workshop. He is a well known Heavy-lift Ocean Transport Lecturer and Consultant. The specialist obtained his education in the Maritime Education and Training Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He used to be a ship’s officer on Dutch-flag ocean-going vessels and managed to get the Master’s license. From 1985, Cees started working as a project manager for heavy-lift operations. He has always tried to enlarge his knowledge. He graduated as a shipbroker from the Dutch Maritime Shipbrokers Association in Rotterdam. Coppens has been working in the field of marine transportation for over 25 years by now. He has been a part of the heavy-lift operations all over the globe.

red and white cargo ship on sea under white sky during daytime

The workshop was carried out on Tuesday, the 27th of September. The program included the discussions and coffee breaks. The issues concerned:

  • heavy-lift cranes
  • heavy/oversized cargoes
  • rigging/lifting materials
  • ship’s stability, etc.

There were several other corresponding themes presented during the workshops. One of them was discussed on Monday, the 26th of September with the instructor Dirk Verwimp (the EPCM Advisor from the Sarens Group in Oceania). It was devoted to the land and barge transportation.

Break bulk 2016: general information

The Break bulk forum in 2016 was planned for the 26-29 of September. There were many participants from the big companies and organizations connected with the logistics field.

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There were lots of facilities available:

  • conference
  • workshops
  • micro-seminars
  • BusinessRuns
  • exhibitions
  • showcases, etc.

The event, which was first organized over 25 years ago, became one of the greatest for the whole logistics sphere. It allows sharing knowledge and experience as well as building new connections and expanding the network.