A 200,000-square feet logistics center of Bolloré logistics was opened in Miami

A new Bolloré Logistics center, USA

Bolloré Logistics announced the establishment of a new logistics center in Miami, which united two types of services – freight forwarding and contract logistics. It became a Foreign Trade Zone. The inauguration was carried out in the presence of the key figures of the company:

  • Clément Leclerc (the General Consul of France)
  • Thierry Ehrenbogen (the chief executive of Bolloré Logistics)
  • Cyrille Bolloré (the chief executive of Bolloré Transport and Logistics).

The territory of the center covers about 200,000 square feet. The decision to unite to separate location is believed to support the operational synergies. Besides, applying the time-critical logistics, the heads of the company want to improve the cargo turnaround time.

red and white boat on dock during daytime

There are several purposes, which should be achieved by the company:

  • vertical expertise
  • multimodal logistics platform
  • logistics excellence
  • warehousing facilities
  • end-to-end solutions
  • more logistics services.

Thus, Bolloré Logistics hopes to meet any requirements of their customers becoming more valuable to them.

There are several priority directions for the logistics center, which are:

  • the aerospace industry
  • travel retail industries
  • cosmetics.

One of the important advantages of the center is its safety with:

  • biometric control
  • CCTV cameras with recording
  • the system of fire sprinklers
  • fences.

The infrastructure is also impressive offering:

  • dock doors systems (over 50 units)
  • speed bay (60’)
  • equipment for materials handling.

With such facilities, the firm wants to achieve productivity, effectiveness, and reliability.

Bolloré Logistics: general information

BL is an international company, which provides the customers with the cost-efficient solutions in logistics sphere. The specialists try adapting to the changing requirements of the clients improving their experience and expertise. BL is listed among 10 top logistics companies of the world.

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Bolloré Logistics is famous for its reliability, safety, and striving for development and modernization.

The company was created as a part of Bolloré Group. The other divisions of the corporation are connected with sea and railway transportations. The clients of the firm are export & import companies demanding the complex supply chain organization, management solutions, and international freight.