Learn more about how the LR1250 is designed and built – all the nuances and details of the model

This crane can lift weights of up to 250 tons, which allows it to be used for a wide range of construction, lifting, utility, installation, and other works. The presence of a crawler chassis provides good cross-country ability and the ability to operate even on difficult soils.

What to consider before renting a Liebherr LR 1250 crane?

  1. The scale of forthcoming works. This will allow renting crane equipment only for the period during which it will have a stable load. Thus, it will be possible to avoid downtime and associated unnecessary costs.
  2. Dimensions of the construction site. It is important that the crane can freely move around the object and perform the necessary operations with an arrow at its maximum reach.
  3. Condition and quality of the coating. A crawler crane can damage asphalt or thin concrete, so it is better to use wheeled equipment on such a surface.
  4. The height of lifting weights. The boom of the Liebherr LR 1250 crane reaches 53 m, but it can be increased by another 95 m due to the use of the jib.

What are the benefits of renting a Liebherr LR 1250?

Temporary use implies the absence of costs for fixed assets. In particular, you do not need to spend money on maintenance and pay salaries to mechanics and operators. There are no expenses for storage, insurance, etc.

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All costs are limited to transparent rent payments, which are made only during the period in which the crane is rented – that will bring you a specific income. Special equipment is delivered fully prepared for immediate operation.


  1. Engine: Liebherr.
  2. Engine power, kW (hp): 230.
  3. The speed of movement, km/h: 1.6.
  4. Length, mm: 8700.
  5. Width, mm: 7000.
  6. Height, mm: 4600.
  7. Lattice boom extension: 20 m – 95 m.
  8. Outreach: 53 m.
  9. Max. carrying capacity: 250 t.
  10. Gooseneck: 95 m.
  11. Max. overhang: 18 m.

How to choose a crawler crane correctly?

When choosing a crawler crane, several important characteristics should be considered:

  • carrying capacity (you should estimate approximately how much weight you will need to lift)
  • length of the boom
  • the width of the crawler
  • the rotation speed of the platform
  • the speed of work with a load
  • radius of the turn
  • outreach of the hook.

Cranes of this type can also be praised for performance. The productivity is calculated by the amount of cargo that is handled by the crane over a period of time.

Advantages of the crawler crane

  1. The crane of this type is equipped with a diesel-electric drive, which means that it can work also in the autonomous mode.
  2. An additional possibility of working connected to the power grid, which ensures environmental friendliness and quietness.
  3. Passage (can work almost under any conditions).
  4. The stability of the crane is provided by a large supporting contour.
  5. Can turn cargoes in 360°.

The main advantage is the multi functionality of the crawler crane – it can be used for lowering and lifting the load (we recommend to use the DEK crane for this purpose, which has the highest speed of lowering and lifting the load), installation of structures and equipment, as well as pile-driving equipment.

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