The model lr1250 has been presented at the exhibition

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Following the model LR 11000, Liebherr presented another new model of the crane of crawler type from this line – LR 1250 – at the Bauma-2013 show. The novelty is based on the LR 1200 crane & has a payload capacity of 250 tons. It is equipped with a modernized main boom, a 95-meter adjustable extension & a 32-meter fixed extension. In a configuration with a heavy-duty main boom, the higher point of reach is 86 meters & in the configuration with a light boom – 117 meters. According to the company, the crane is highly versatile, as it can involve a large number of combinations of booms & extension cables.

The heart of the power plant of the new car is the company’s six-cylinder diesel, generating a power of 362 horsepower (270 kW) & satisfying the Stage IIIB toxicity standards.

The main features of the LR 1250 include innovative CFRP boom arms that are maintenance-free throughout their service life & do not cause transportation problems. Also, the novelty is equipped with two winches, each of which has a pulling force of 12 tons. Optionally, a 12-ton winch with free rotation of the reel (free-fall type) is provided.

Having a compact enough size for its class, the crane, as well as the boom & counterweight, are allowed to be transported, reducing the width of the tracks to 3 meters.

Other features

white and black crane on brown soil during daytime

Additional features are presented in a small but impressive amount by their functionality: the main aspect is the Litronic control system. This system uses CANbus technology. This system integrates the load torque limiter, which is able to calculate the load capacity & ensures the optimal utilization of the machine’s capacities. Also, the developers equipped the LR 1250 crane with the LiDAR telematics system, which provides the transmission of actual crane operation data (fuel consumption, operating time, location) to remote dispatch monitors.

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Heavy & reliable, Liebherr LR 1250 crawler crane with a load capacity of 250 tons combines mobility, ability to make maneuvers despite big weight & increased stability during operation. The heavy lifting capacity & advanced technical equipment make this model suitable for use in the widest class of works: from loading-unloading to construction & installation. The caterpillar platform provides reliable fixing of the machine when working at high altitudes & under unfavorable weather conditions and significantly increases the length of the boom.

Updated model

LR 1250’s an updated model of a crawler of classic type – it is the new variant of the previous model that was made not so long ago. The first and main boom of the crane was created in a way to raise the level of the global capacity. There’s also an aspect for assembly (in a self-regime) & self-loading for the trawl so that the LR 1250 may be easily installed even with no using of such a device as an auxiliary crane. The system of control is intelligent so it allows the user to move & place the goods with accuracy in all aspects, including those parts that have limited visibility. Crawler crane LR 1250 provides exceptional load capacity in the entire working area. It is distinguished by its high compactness & can be transported all over the world without restrictions.