The new 100t crane lr1100 and everything you wanted to know about his abilities

Compact, powerful, versatile – adjectives, with which you can describe the crane Liebherr LR1100. This hydraulic crawler machine allows you to easily handle the lifting and moving loads of up to 100 tons. As always, the manufacturer has thought through all the details of the design to ensure excellent performance characteristics of the equipment.


yellow industrial crane

  1. Engine. The diesel engine provides the power of the machine and meets the European standards for noise and exhaust emissions.
  2. Hydraulic system. The operation of the open system is ensured by a dual axial-piston pump.
  3. Winches. The winch on the boom extension changes position from 15º to 78º in 44 seconds. To change the position from 15º to 86º, the winch of the main boom will take 48 seconds.
  4. Turning mechanism. Due to design features, it can work in both free rotation mode and in a mode where the rotational speed is selected.
  5. The main winches. To rent a crawler crane for 100 tons is convenient because the winches are compact and their installation is easy. Planetary gear in the oil bath provides the drive, driven by hydraulic motors. The hydraulic system is responsible for holding the load, which is insured by a spring-loaded multi-disc brake.

New from the manufacturer

Among the novelties of the German manufacturer is a series of hydraulic quick-erecting cranes L1, which includes the most compact technique of this type, manufactured by Liebherr. Gradually, new models will force the H series out of the market.

The self-propelled equipment segment was represented by a crawler crane LR 1500 with a load capacity of 500 tons, a 250-ton 5-axle telescopic crane LTM 1250-5.1, and an 8-axle crane with an elongated telescopic boom (the latter has not been shown anywhere else). The next model was presented only as a concept, but the first deliveries of these machines should take place in the summer. This is a 100-tonne crawler crane LR1100, which after modernization has become easier to transport, and the process of its installation has become faster. In addition, the lifting characteristics of the machine were increased.

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Within the exhibition, the premiere of a number of trans-shipment machines was held. Among them is the LH 110 C High Rise Port Litronic with a lifting capacity of 10 tons, the boom of which is 20 meters. The developers tried to make the working equipment as light as possible while maintaining the strength of the structure.