The main news about Breakbulk Americas 2016: risks and forecasts

Breakbulk Americas 2016 is an effective tool for attracting new customers and increasing sales through direct business contacts with a large number of cargo owners, transport, and forwarding companies for shipping Houston.

Breakbulk 2016 is a well-known international brand that unites leading business events in the field of specialized logistics throughout the world. Annually more than 20 Breakbulk business events provide transport and logistics companies with the opportunity to find new customers and partners.

Exhibition Sections

people meeting in room

The exhibition Breakbulk Houston 2016 showed that Breakbulk Americas 2017 would be no less expected. The event brought together the following topics:

  • project cargoes
  • heavy cargoes
  • oversized cargo
  • roll-in loads
  • cargo on pallets
  • packaged cargo by Dockwise, Houston.

Visitors of the exhibition: heads of companies specializing in transport logistics, heads of the transport and logistics departments of oil and gas companies, heads of the transport and logistics departments of energy companies, heads of the logistics departments of construction and contract organizations, heavy lift shipping, heads of the transport and logistics departments of shippers and cargo owners of the ship companies.

The main shock

Despite considerable chaos on the world freight market, the bankruptcy of the seventh largest carrier in the world markedly improved the situation of the remaining players.

So the applications for freight traffic between Asia and Northern Europe in the first week after the filing of Hanjin bankruptcy on 31 August rose by more than 40%, in the trans-Pacific direction shipments rose on 50% according to the Shanghai Port’s data. Similar dynamics were observed in the directions between Asia and the Middle East and the Mediterranean. There was no noticeable growth in the transatlantic direction.

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At the moment about 80 container ships of the company can carry out the delivery of goods. A total of about 500,000 standard freight containers can be shipped.