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On this page, you can see the news archive in the history of Nooteboom. This means that you can study the news line at any time: all the relevant data will sooner or later be in this section. Become closer to the company Nooteboom!

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Basically, the news concerns the activities of the company, that is, the transportation of heavy cargoes and the conclusion of various contracts.

What kind of cargoes is heavyweight?

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In the rules for the transport of goods by road, a definition of heavy cargo is given. This is cargo, the weight of which, taking into account the mass of the vehicle, exceeds the maximum permissible mass of vehicles or the maximum permissible axle loads.

Thus, the heaviness of goods (vehicles with cargo) is determined by two criteria: the total mass of the vehicle with the load and axle loads. Exceeding the permissible standards for one of these parameters means that the cargo is heavy and entails the need for a special permit for the transportation of such cargo and compensation for damage caused by a heavy vehicle road and structures (bridges and junctions), as well as providing additional security measures for heavy traffic.

According to these normative acts, transportation on the roads of heavy and large-sized cargo can be carried out only on the basis of special permits issued in accordance with the established procedure.

The coordination of the route of the vehicle carrying heavy cargoes is carried out by the authorized body with owners of highways on which such route passes.

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International scale

International cargo transportation Odban is one of the directions for which Nooteboom cars are created. Shipping company carries out the international delivery of parcels and personal belongings abroad. Engaged in the production of vehicles for international cargo transportation and construction work for many years, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable partner. High-quality components, a high level of customer orientation, as well as responsible attitude to its activities make the enterprise competitive and allows it to maintain its level on the market. The history of Nooteboom continues!