Learn why the trailer red lights do not go off

The main malfunctions of trailers, semi-trailers, and ways to eliminate them: if the signal comes from the front of a semi-trailer

In cases where maintenance in the front of the trailer does not ensure the normal operation of individual parts, assemblies, and units, the trailers are being repaired by means of front trailer supports. At the same time, the operability of these vehicles is restored by eliminates defects in parts and mechanisms or replacing them with serviceable ones, resulting in lights off on a trailer.

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Trailer wiring

Often there are questions related to the wiring when connected to a car plug. First of all, you should check whether everything is connected correctly and to start to repair the wiring on the trailer itself. Maybe the lamps are all intact, and there is no contact or connection in the wiring.

From the point of view of a modern control system, the semi-trailer light LED signal connected to the vehicle’s standard connector will always be faulty because the current consumed by it is too small. If the machine uses a single red warning light on the front trailer, doubling of the load can be perceived as a short circuit with the corresponding reaction.

A common problem

Are you questioning, why is my semi trailer malfunctioning? This is a very common problem. It often happens that all the installed parts of the wiring – the stops, the dimensions of the turn signals and so on – separately work well but when altogether, their random blinking begins and trailer abs light stays on the trailer front. What is the reason for this? This happens on cars with LED lights – red light trailer. In simple cases, the problem of “deceptive” resistance, established in the rupture of the chain, can solve the problem. A cardinal solution to the problem is possible. For proper operation when installing the towing device, it is necessary to connect the trailer via a matching controller (also known as Smart Connect), which “translates” the signals of the control hub of the car’s light signals and supplies voltage to the necessary contacts of the standard connector. Then trailer red lights go out. Simply put, this is a device that regulates the operation of trailer warning lights.

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Other reasons may be related to problems with the wiring. To solve them, you should contact a specialist for help.