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Cargo transportation: express global logistics

Not so long ago, a large cargo carrier was able to carry out major flight in India. The difficulty of PVT transportation was that it was necessary to move large parts of a huge bridge, and then to mount them in the right place. Fortunately, the company coped with the task of shipper transport express. With the help of the tower crane transported by the transport express, they were able to successfully restore the part of the destroyed railway.

About the port of departure


cargo truck full of tree logs passing on roadVadodara is a city in India in the administrative region of Gujarat. Statistics say that the number of residents is about 1.4 million people. Any English-speaking tourist arriving in Vadodara will feel comfortable because most citizens know English.

The infrastructure of Vadodara is not well developed. Convenient use of the Internet is very complicated because local providers offer very limited connection speed. Traveling around the city by car or taxi is significantly complicated due to congested roads during peak hours. Nightlife is more varied. The doors of the hospitable bars and clubs of Vadodara are always open. In the city, you can always relax with friends or escape from the daily routine on the dance floors. The security level in the city is not very high: thefts and other types of crime periodically occur with tourists.


Gujarat is the undiscovered pearl of India. The official tourist slogan of the state: “Gujarat is a country of legends.”

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Gujarat has many more places of interest than the neighboring states.

Comfortable weather in winter is one of the reasons to visit Gujarat.

Hotels and resorts in the resort area are renowned for excellent service and fine cuisine with a predominance of fresh seafood. A trip to Gujarat will give you an unforgettable immersion in the mysterious world of ancient temples with a thousand-year history and excellent photos. You will feel the flavor of these Indian cities and villages. In Gujarat, there are five largest million-plus cities in India.

The most famous Indian Mahatma Gandhi was born in this state.

Here you can see the largest salt desert in the world.

Currently, excavations of dinosaur remains are underway in Gujarat. They are among the four largest graveyards in the world of extinct reptiles.