Mammoet continues its expansion in Dubai using 600-5000-ton equipment for lifting

Mammoet is a worldwide-known company, which specializes in transportations. They offer a wide range of services and support their customers allowing them reaching cost-effectiveness and productiveness.

The firm first appeared in 1807. The founders understood that the demand for the heavy lifting services would grow. That’s why the firm has developed in the direction of heavy transportation in various spheres:

  • off-shore
  • power generation
  • mining industry
  • civil engineering
  • petrochemical, etc.

Nowadays the company is a famous provider of different services, such as site-wide construction, relocation, installation of over-dimensional constructions, decommission, transportations, lifting services, etc. They help their customers find efficient solutions to save time and money as well as to make the transportations of heavy cargoes safe. Mammoet also faces such challenging tasks as transportation to the remote areas, work in different weather conditions, etc. What’s more, the firm is concerned by the environmental issues.

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They are worldwide known for their professionalism and dedication to work. The staff of the company includes the specialists in various fields to meet the clients’ expectations. The Mammoet firm possesses the great facilities and experience. The firm has partners and offices all over the world, including Europe, Russia, Brazil, Australia, and the other countries.

The Mammoet’s activity in Dubai

Dubai being one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates is famous for its outstanding skyline, which is called the tallest in the world. This place is full of skyscrapers and striking views. However, the city is not going to lose the reputation. It will continue its growth and prosperity. This fact is proved by the impressive number of heavy cranes operating on the territory.

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The amount of heavy-duty machinery in Dubai is enormous. The company, which is responsible for the transportation and lifting services, is Mammoet. The number of cranes appeared to be record-breaking. Such feature has been seen over the city during the last decade. During this period, there have been many different projects, including:

  • subway line
  • Dubai Mall, etc.

There’re 4 pieces of super heavy-duty machinery in total in Dubai, which are responsible for the complex tasks. Their capacity is impressive. It varies from 600-ton cranes to 5000-ton cranes depending on the model and the task fulfilled. The number is the largest in the history of the company in Dubai. Besides, the cranes are operating simultaneously.

The current projects of Mammoet are very important. The company’s specialists work on the Viceroy Resort at Palm Jumeirah Island. They are busy building a presidential suite for the hotel. To complete this task, the firm applies CC8800 model of the crane, which has the capacity of 1600 tons and LR1600 model with the lifting capacity reaching 600 tons. The latest is required for the tandem lift. Such operation is carefully planned in details as the rest of the Mammoet’s tasks in Dubai. They also keep to the highest safety standards. Applying their famous expertise and specialized machinery, Mammoet successfully puts all the unique architectural elements into their places.

The other projects of the company are being carried out in different parts of the city. One of the greatest is the Habtoor City project. There are also several others mega-projects in this big city. One of them has recently required the application of:

  • PTC 200 (which is a mega-lift crane, able to lift over 5,000,000 kg)
  • LR13000 (a crawler, which lifts up to 3,000 tons).
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The truth is that there exist just a few pieces of machinery of such types in the whole world. It makes the fact that so many of them are currently used in the city of Dubai extremely remarkable.