Mammoet offers improved ways to transport heavy cargoes with creative engineering & planning

Mammoet has always been a part of the transportation industry. The company started its way in 1807. The founders predicted the towering demand for the heavy transportation. Since the establishment, the firm has been developing the global expertise of the heavy transporters in various circumstances.

Today they are one of the leading heavy transport companies, which helps the customer improve the effectiveness of construction as well as optimize the uptime of installation. Mammoet provides the clients with the solutions for:

  • site-wide constructing
  • relocating
  • lifting
  • decommissioning
  • carrying
  • mounting over-sized/heavy-weight constructions, etc.

white freight truck on grey concrete road

The services of this firm are concentrated on power, offshore, civil engineering, and mining/petrochemical sectors projects. They face the increasing logistics challenges. The latest usually concern the remote locations, different climate conditions, and environmental issues. Besides, the solutions should be smart and safe. The company’s staff is diverse but every member is dedicated to the work. It allows achieving professionalism and wonderful results.

The Mammoet firm has unique facilities and the great experience. They are one of the biggest heavy haulers in Australia, Russia, Brazil, the UK, etc. The company cooperates with the big firms, such as Chevron. The Construction Manager of the latest claims that they are pleased with their partnership. The offices of the Mammoet company are situated all over the globe, while the reputation of the firm is on the highest level.

Heavyweight cargo

The plant construction keeps developing. Today the civil construction projects apply prefabricated components, which include modules and the other elements (for instance, bridges). Such components are not just big in size but also quite heavy. They should be transported and installed. That’s why the need for the effective heavy transporters keeps growing. Besides, the requirements for such services change as well. It mostly concerns the safety standards.

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Mammoet’s heavy equipment transporters


The company possesses a wide range of heavy transport. Their fleet includes:

  • conventional trailers
  • SPMTs
  • barges
  • skidding systems, and the others.

The heavy transports they own correspond to the highest standards of safety and reliability, being subject to the strictest maintenance programs.

Forcing the project deadlines forward

Transporting heavy equipment is a challenging task, which includes not just appropriate means of transportation. As the Mammoet’s representatives say, the greatest part of the process depends on the right strategy. That’s why they work to find the appropriate way of transportation as well as optimize the planning the all the procedures. For this purpose, the firm uses creative engineering solutions and careful planning in order to reach the safety of the components and equipment being transported.

Such strategy consists of:

  • making the detailed route survey
  • finding any possible bottlenecks
  • working out the most effective solutions.

Such approach allows not only reaching the maximum safety and predictability but also decreasing the heavy equipment transport cost.

Besides, the company always controls the transportation process from the beginning to the end. The specialists of the firm fulfill:

  • lifting services
  • transportation
  • installation of the components
  • decommission of various structures.

Thus, the cost-effectiveness and productiveness of work increase. The strategy of Mammoet allows their clients moving forward and developing much faster.

Mammoet will continue pushing the boundaries, finding new solutions and opportunities in order to develop the heavy loads transportation and make their customers excel.