The Mammoet transport replenish the trailer park

The segment of transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes is narrow. Machinery manufacturers and carriers know each other very well. All the basic, typical tasks have been solved a long time ago, and the industry develops, solving specific tasks of the customer, or under the pressure of changing national and international legislation. Today, the pressure of the semitrailer and heavy-duty semi-trailers is limited by the total weight and loads on the axle.

Long time ago introduced size limitations caused a complete halt in the sales of heavy vehicles and a wave of indignation. Globally, the strongest impact on the automotive industry, on construction and agricultural machinery is provided by the standards of toxicity of emissions and noise. European manufacturers of self-propelled modular vehicles are obliged to comply with them.

Modular park of the Mammoet transport

red truck on road during daytime

Modular vehicles are not the mass-market product. Modules are assembled according to the customer’s specifications in small series. In this case, large transport and service companies, such as Mammoet, accumulate parks in thousands of axle lines. Mammoet vacancies are constantly in demand precisely because of the relevance of the company’s activities. In addition, the company carries out Mammoet wind jobs. These parks are heterogeneous, formed from modules of various series and configurations. Modules, rigging, power units, saddle-ballast tractors are ordered for the solution of certain transport tasks.

Manoovr is a whole series of low-frame sliding semi-trailers. Mammoet added this equipment to its range of trailers.

Freight transportation

For example, for the transport of heavy concentrated road cargoes, such as transformers weighing 400 tons or more, a load beam girder is built, the ends of which are supported by trolleys from the modules. This is a complex set of equipment not for everyday use. It is very special and specific, but in some cases, it is impossible to do without it. All the variety of transport tasks can be structured to some extent and create typical solutions, such as a beam farm, which will remain specific, belonging to niche. The task of structuring is complicated by the fact that the configuration of the vehicle is affected not only by the nature of the cargo, but also by the route, road, and climatic conditions. In this case, there is no finite set of solutions.

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