Offshore wind leases under US $450,000 awarded by Boem in 2015

BOEM is a Bureau of management of Ocean Energy, responsible for the offshore energy and mineral resources development and management. They operate to guarantee the environmentally and economically responsible ways of their development in order to provide the economic collaboration together with the national security.

The activity of the organization is controlled by the government. The company is regulated by the law and the offshore industry communications. The rules and principles are constantly revised and corrected to make them correspond to the advanced technologies.

Boem offshore wind auction

oil rig

The provisional offshore wind leases were awarded to 2 companies in order to develop the energy resources. The total amount appeared to be 350,000 acres with the bids under $450,000. The winners were:

  • RES America Developments
  • Offshore MW.

The RES firm’s main activity is the construction and development of various solar/wind projects. It was created in 2000 as a subsidiary of Renewable Energy Systems Americas, Inc.

Offshore MW is a company, which works on the large-scale offshore wind energy projects. They are aimed at producing clean, renewable, and cost-competitive energy to power many American households.

For the Boem, it was the 4th waters sale. The places are located 12 nautical miles to the south from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

However, according to the existing data, the successful bid is just the first step for the companies in a long process. The rules of Boem say that the organizations have only one year for the presentation of their site assessment plan of energy development. In case of its approval, they will be given five more years for the creation and registration of operation and construction plans. During this time, the environmental review of all the offered projects should be carried out by Boem (including the public input, which is one of the most common reasons for the delays of the projects).

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