Explore the legendary Faymonville trailers

The Belgian company Faymonville is known all over the world as a manufacturer of low-load semi-trailers and modules, individually coordinated with the customer and optimized to perform the relevant tasks for the transportation of extra-heavy and oversized cargoes.

Faymonville is the leader in the manufacture of trailers for special transportation. Faymonville produces custom trailers for any transportation of oversized cargoes, including cargoes, the carriage of which requires special permission. Open the world of semi-trailers with a low platform. Faymonville also provides additional trailer service 24 hours a day.

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Cooperation with the Faymonville company

The world-famous company Faymonville noted the high capabilities of LATSPED in one of its magazines.

Latvian Transport Company LATSPED works on the market of oversized road transport both at home and in the European market for more than ten years. The company assumes responsibility for the organization of transportation and delivery of goods from Europe through the Baltic States to Russia and CIS countries. LATSPED Park has recently been replenished with new trailers Multimax and Megamax. Several others, among which there are 6-axis platforms, will be delivered this year. Both companies have been cooperating since 2006.

In 2007, LATSPED purchased Faymonville trailers for a special project. The Latvian transport company delivered 8 huge beer tanks with an impressive diameter of 6.45 m from the port of Liepaja to Minsk (Belarus).

Despite the fact that LATSPED had an impressive experience in oversized transportation, as well as carried out many similar projects, delivery of beer tanks of this size was a new achievement for the company. Preparatory work for this project (coordination of the traffic, route selection, etc.) took about two months and required a close work with the railway services, electricity network services, as well as reconnaissance of the route to ensure that the chosen route is acceptable.

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The traffic schedule compiled by LATSPED from A to Z allowed the consignee to arrive at the agreed time.