Matexpo 2017: the results of Nooteboom participation

The event under discussion was scheduled for the 6th-10th of September. The expo took place in Kortrijk, Belgium. The number of visitors was impressive. It was supported by Nooteboom Trailers. The latest offered the tickets for the show for free.

Concerning the participation of Nooteboom, their main purpose was to meet their business partners and build new connections.

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During Matexpo, the company also presented their extendible Manoovr with an excavator trough. It was the first appearance of such machinery in Belgium. It was the latest creation of Nooteboom, which caused a furor in the industry of construction machinery transportation.

Consider the description of Nooteboom’s MPL-85-05V:

  • type: semi low-loader
  • number of axles: 5
  • variation of axles: pendle axles
  • payload: 67 tonnes at 80 km/hour
  • load floor height: 780 mm
  • axle load: 12 tonnes
  • suspension stroke: 500 mm
  • steering angle: 70 degrees.

The machinery offers many advantages including maneuverability, cost efficiency, and comfort driving.

Besides, the manufacturer displayed:

  • a drawbar semi low-loader (with 4 axles)
  • a robust lightweight extendible semi low-loader (with the dead weight of 8.5 tonnes)
  • a EURO-PX low-loader with the DAF tractor (with 4 axles).

Matexpo: general information about the event

Matexpo is an international event, where plenty of companies from the sphere of construction industry equipment take part. It is organized annually in Kortrijk, Belgium. During the show, the exhibitors have a chance to display their machinery and equipment. The visitors can see:

  • the new technologies of the construction sector
  • the heavy machinery of the civil engineering
  • scaffolding
  • the elevated work platforms
  • the cleaning machines
  • renovated techniques of the specialists, etc.
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Among the participants, there are only professionals of the sphere. The specialists can find new connections and exchange their knowledge, experience, and developments. Such event also adds to the development of the industry in general.