Meet WaterFront shipping – a 21st century know-how by the leading port agencies

WaterFront Maritime Services became a new joint venture of the port agencies, which was decided upon in winter of 2017. The cooperation is started between Ben Line and Sharaf Shipping Agencies.

The organization was realized in the spring of the same year. The services are directed to the:

  • Breakbulk operators
  • managers
  • ship operators
  • liquid bulk handlers
  • traders
  • other cargo owners.

The key purpose of such an organization is the extension of the quality services. Thus, according to the words of the Executive Director of Sharaf Group, the customers of the agencies, who are situated all over the world, will make sure that their loads and vessels are handled by the experienced agents.

The key figures of the WaterFront shipping

The staff from the founder-agencies was appointed to take the leading positions of the joint venture. The key figures are:

  • T. Gidlow (the person became a CEO of WaterFront Maritime Services)
  • K. Celly (Sharaf Agency’s CEO)
  • D. Ramsay (the man from Ben Line Agencies working as a managing director)
  • K. Vandermeer (the woman from Ben Line Agencies working as a regional director)
  • S. Sharaf (Sharaf Agency’s CEO).

Headquarter of the new organization was established in Dubai.

General information about the port agencies

Sharaf Shipping Agency is a company, which is recognized as the biggest shipping house in the Middle East. It was founded in 1976. Today they are a symbol of quality shipping as well as maritime and logistics services. The firm offers various services:

  • shipping/hub services
  • the forwarding of the freights
  • security services (fighting against piracy)
  • handling of the project cargo
  • chartering & broking
  • offshore support
  • warehousing services, etc.

Strong emphasis on the quality helps them developing and growing worldwide. Today they keep creating efficient solutions for cargo owners and ships operators.

Ben Line Agencies appeared over 150 years ago offering the maritime services for the Asian Pacific region. They keep finding the most effective solutions in various fields. Today they offer:

  • liner services
  • offshore support
  • oilfield services
  • marine services
  • project logistics and other options.

Their offices are situated in 17 world countries, while the headquarters of this company is based in Singapore. With the initiation of WaterFront shipping, the company became globally known.

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