Learn about the Middle East VIP Shippers Club and the opportunities it brings

Middle East VIP Shippers Club: its members and opportunities

VIP Shippers Club is known as an organization with plenty of members, who work in various fields of the logistics sphere. Among the participants of the club, there are:

  • project owners
  • companies from oil and gas sector
  • the producers of chemical products
  • the representatives of the EPC sector
  • steelmakers, etc.

The participation in the VIP Shippers Club gives the companies plenty of wonderful opportunities. Among the advantages of such participation, there are opportunities to take part in various conferences and other events, participate in different industry workshops, look deeper at the editorial products, etc. Thus, you can become a wider specialist in the industry. Besides, the feedback from the club greatly depends on the level of your participation in its development and growth. As a result, you can significantly improve your career.

The Middle East VIP Shippers Club: how to join?

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The possibility to become a member of the club occurs during every Breakbulk event. There are a few ways to become a participant. During Breakbulk 2018, the guests could join the luncheons (the panel or hosting table), where they had a chance to share their perspective and knowledge. In order to apply for participation, the specialists needed to fill in a special form. After that, it was required to register for the participation in Breakbulk and decide upon the ways of your involvement in the event.

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Middle East VIP Shippers Club and Breakbulk

The shipper club is a VIP organization, which contains lots of members. The organization provides its participants with plenty of opportunities, which include participation in various types of occasions, for instance:

  • conference panels
  • teaching workshops
  • lectures about editorial goods, etc.

The members of the organization are from various sectors of the logistics industry.

The opportunities you can choose being a member of the club depend on the sphere of your interests and activities as well as the desires for career growth. The members of the Shippers club always attend the Breakbulk forums.

The Global VIP Shippers Club was founded in 2010. Since that time, it kept developing. The participation of the representatives from different fields allows building a more effective supply chain. You can become a member of the club only after their invitation. Read more information in the Middle East news or online.