Are metals minerals & how is Sarens connected with the mining industry?

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Sarens offers for rent hydraulic portals & lifting equipment, as well as crawler & mobile cranes for the mining industry, mines & quarries:

  • installation, replacement & dismantling of large-block shaft elements
  • lifting of modules, canting & rigging of structures
  • lifting & rigging work inside the mine & confined spaces
  • supply of equipment, modules & structures using self-propelled modular trolleys
  • systemic use of portal lifting systems, mounting masts & hydraulic portals.

Scope of work

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The scope of the project includes the transportation & installation of modules & other oversized items. The heaviest of the installed modules was a structure weighing 270 tons with a radius of 20 m. The company continues to cooperate with the project at all stages of its implementation.

Special tools

Bridge cranes are equipped with a pair of trolleys. This construction is widely used for assembly work, for transportation of long cargoes, as well as for servicing metallurgical enterprises & for same-time work with various gripping devices – a magnet & a grab.

Electric engines that provide lifting and moving loads are powered by trolley wires laid along the bridge, using sliding contacts or a flexible current lead.

Bridge cranes that are equipped with a couple of trolleys can have a double-beam or three-beam design with parallel movement of trolleys. Thanks to the use of autonomous frequency converters, independent & simultaneous operation of both lifts is possible on each of the bogies.

When using additional load grippers (electromagnet, drive grab or mites), the cart is equipped with a cable drum with a flexible cable that provides power to the load gripper. The cable reel is synchronized with the cable reel & provides the required cable length when the pick-up device is raised & lowered.

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When assembling the crane units, they take into account the technological specificity of the customer’s production, as well as the individual requirements reflected in the technical specification for the crane. When manufacturing a bridge crane with two trolleys, they use components from leading manufacturers & trusted suppliers.