Learn more about the modernization of the 1750/2 crane model

The Austrian manufacturer Liebherr has perfected its powerful crawler crane LR 1750*2.

Improvements concerned, mainly, increasing the power & changing the configuration of the boom. The main heavy crane Liebherr LR 1750/2-875 received the same configuration changes that’re used in the updated Liebherr LR1600 / 2 model, namely the strengthening of the main boom & the expansion of the derrick-arm by 7 meters – up to 38.5 meters.

According to the manufacturer, these changes allowed to increase the load capacity of the Liebherr LR 1750 by 30% in some areas.

The improved crane LR 1750/2 also has a trailer of suspended ballast with a hydraulic drive. The safety of this crane’s enhanced by additional access points & improved fences.

Crawler Crane

The crawler crane LR 1750/2’s universal in operation & is used in the construction of power plants, oil refineries, as well as for constructing of bridges & in the installation of wind power plants. The existing dimensions of the details and parts of this crane are able to moderate individual weight making it possible to economically transport this crane to the construction site. This 750-ton crane may be operated as a “pedestal crane” on additional supports.

Technological capabilities of crawler cranes

Liebherr stands for innovation with a purely practical benefit. For many years, their crawler cranes have been working reliably & efficiently. In the process of development, the economy & productivity of machines are of great importance. These models are distinguished by their excellent load-carrying capacity & load torque. They are optimized for their application. With their concepts & systems, cranes provide the widest possible use.

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Crane systems & rigging for any requirements

From wind power & super heavy loads to lifts with extreme boom reach: Liebherr crawler cranes offer a wide range of systems & tooling options. Thoughtful concepts of cranes provide economy & efficiency in various operating conditions. Optimized for their applications, the technologies provide the best performance every day.

Technical upgrade with PowerBoom boom

The parallel boom, PowerBoom, is a development by Liebherr, which opens a new era. At the bottom of the lattice boom, the standard grid sections are mounted in parallel to each other. This requires only two additional adapters. Thus, the crane achieves the load-carrying capacity of the cranes of the next class with the best price-quality ratio. The system of parallel arrows is PowerBoom.

Innovative control systems for crawler cranes up to 300 tons

The crane control system developed by Liebherr includes all control, monitoring functions & absolutely reliably functioning at extreme temperatures, humidity & vibration. Control technologies are used in operation of a crawler crane.