Moscow vs Saint Petersburg – the ultimate showdown

The rivalry between Moscow and Saint Petersburg has started a long time ago, probably at the time the two cities were founded. A lot of people argue about which city is better for living. There is no exact answer to this question, as many people who have lived in both cities have different opinions. As it’s now considerably easy to move from city to city, there’s no reason you should be tied to either Moscow or St. Petersburg. It’s only up to you to choose a life in the capital or the northern capital by taking into account all their features. Both cities have their pros and cons and will suit different people. So where is it better?

green statue on top of building during daytimeWeather is Moscow vs. St. Petersburg 

When choosing a city to live in, you should always consider the climate factor. Saint Petersburg weather will not suit everyone. The city is located in the northern part of the country. The weather is very unstable here, you never know what to expect in the afternoon leaving your house in the morning. Locals got used to living in constant fogs, storms and endless rains. Others, however, might find it rather challenging. There’s also a river and a sea nearby which causes dampness. Moscow’s climate is slightly less tough. The winters are still cold but it’s not that dark or foggy. If you know that lack of sunlight affects your productivity, think of this in advance. 

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Cost of living in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Housing in Moscow is rather expensive. Renting accommodations in St. Petersburg is two times cheaper. When moving, you have to take this into account. However, this only matters if you’re serious about moving to that city. Hotel prices are the same in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This phenomenon happens for two reasons: real estate is expensive in Moscow and St. Petersburg is a popular tourist destination, especially during the tourist season. The high demand makes their accommodation prices go up. 

Pace of life in St. Petersburg and Moscow

The pace of life in Moscow and Saint Petersburg is very different. Living in Moscow is a constant rush. People leave their house very early in the morning to go to work since commuting takes a while. The traffic jams are horrible here. It might take up to several hours to get to your destination. After the workday, it is the same on the way back home. Weekdays pass like a flash. In St. Petersburg people are more laid-back. They like enjoying themselves more than rushing somewhere. It is especially noticeable in the winter when the days are colder, shorter and darker and everyone feels a little bit under the weather. St. Petersburg is more about cultural immersion than a rush. People would prefer to get their minds off work by any means. 

Moscow vs St. Petersburg size

Of course, both cities are pretty huge. Living in them can be challenging but it’s quite different. In comparison to Moscow, the northern capital is almost like a village. Moscow is all about constant speed in business life, while St. Petersburg can be a paradise for those who want to find peace. Do you prefer to live in a constant rush or comfort and cultural immersion? There is no right answer to this question, it just depends on your preferences. 

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