Learn about the Bechtel global corporation and its key employees

Today we will talk about Dennis Mottola, who is the owner of a large project in corporate transport and logistics. Dennis is a manager who is engaged in the corporate development and ensures the correct movement and logistics as the CEO of the Bechtel Global Corporation. Dennis’s career has already been 19 years of excellent work: during this time, he managed to get to know more closely the activities of the manager, took impressive responsibility for his actions, and also worked as an expert in exports and imports. Professional activities are related to corporate traffic logistics, while this also applies to maritime transport, packaging, and trade. The ability to easily switch between tasks and be flexible enough help Dennis in achieving such tremendous success.

Bechtel global corporation: details of activities

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Education of Dennis is as follows: he graduated the University of Pennsylvania with the title of specialist in logistics. As an additional education, he chose further training. Mottola received recommendations from the Ministry of Commerce, as he managed to establish strong ties with the committee on competitive supplies during cooperation with government agencies. This characterizes Dennis as quite active in communication, a highly social and flexible person who knows how to represent himself. A strong personality is always characterized by similar qualities.

The company in which Mottola operates today is one of the key in the world, it is actively developing in the field of design, and also has an impact on the procurement area. At the same time, the fields of expertise that are actively used by this company are very extensive: the gas and oil industries, as well as nuclear safety, environmental protection, work with chemicals, rocks and many others.

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Facts about the company:

  • in 1998, the company celebrated its centenary. During this time, Bechtel has implemented over 20 thousand projects in 140 countries around the world on all seven continents
  • in 2002 alone, the company took part in 900 new projects in 60 countries and received an income of $12.7 billion.