Nooteboom presents a new MPL generation of vehicles for special transportations

MANOOVR MPL is a generation of completely new semi low-loaders, which is designed to fully satisfy the current requirements of the operators. The key purpose of the product is special transportations. The necessity to make such vehicles came from the growing weights and dimensions of the loads. Even the most advanced international specialists faced a great problem. That’s why Nooteboom found a perfect solution. For the new trailer, it is easy-peasy to meet the challenges.

black truck on road during daytime

To prove it, it’s enough to observe the key features of the machinery:

  • axle lines type: with hydraulic steering
  • number of axle lines: 3-10
  • loaded floor height: 78 cm
  • possible steering angle: 60-70 degrees
  • maximum axle load: 12 tonnes/axle
  • suspension stroke: 50 cm
  • tire wear life: 300,000 km
  • the distance between axles: 1,360 mm/1,510 mm
  • load floor width: 2,520 mm/2,740 mm.

For Europe, this is the only exception with the axle load of 12 tonnes, which is legally allowed for the application. There are several other advantages of the MPL generation:

  • absence of vulnerable elements
  • low maintenance costs (thanks to the little tire wear)
  • good ground clearance
  • impressive maneuverability
  • ease in obstacles bypassing
  • great loading capacity.

The construction is unique, as the pendle axle system is as low as never before. An additional advantage is the simplicity of the machinery.

What’s more, the vehicles can be combined with a wide range of ramps. There is also a remote control option for the manual steering, which makes the operation of the vehicle more comfortable.

MPL package

As for the standard package of the vehicles, it includes:

  • lashing eyes
  • stake pockets
  • fixed/adjustable gooseneck
  • manual steering.
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The extendable load floor might be single, double or even triple.

To reach more productivity and possibilities, MANOOVR MPL can be used together with Multidolly created by Nooteboom.

The company managed to deliver the most advanced specifications in the market in just one vehicle. It is considered the best among all the existing trailers (especially semi low-loaders).