Multi-Ton Generator Followed from Rotterdam to Salavat

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On January 25, 2013, the 320-ton gas turbine generator was delivered to Salavat – this is the top outsized equipment for the combined cycle gas unit CCGT-410 T under construction (Novo-Salavat CHP).

The gas turbine generator was fabricated as per the contract concluded between Gazprom neftekhim Salavat and electrotechnical group Siemens within the framework of CCGT construction.

A river-sea vessel took the multi-ton cargo from Rotterdam to Nizhnekamsk, and then it was shipped by tug/barge towing arrangement through the Kama and Belaya rivers to Ufa. Here, the generator was reloaded on the 32-axle platform Goldhofer pulled by two MAN tractor units. Total weight of combination with the generator made 498 tons. The biggest axial load – 18.6 tons. The haul rig was escorted by four GAI vehicles (State Automobile Inspectorate).

On January 17, the caravan began to drive to the combined cycle gas turbine construction site. The haul rig was leaving Ufa at night in order not to impede traffic at the highway section Ufa-Orenburg to the airport. For all the next days, the combination was driving only in daytime due to limited visibility and harsh road conditions.

“The precious cargo travelled six days, although we had counted on three,” said Aleksandr Chudnov, Baltika Group Manager. – Heavy snowfalls were a real bottleneck: we didn’t make a single move for three days, laid up idle.”

The gas turbine generator is not the only oversize cargo for CCGT-410 T. A 316.62-ton gas turbine and a 176-ton steam turbine generator were the next to be delivered to construction site.

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For the multi-ton equipment to reach its destination without any hiccups, major preparations had been made: motor bridges enroute were reinforced, highways under utility lines (pipe racks) deepened, clearances under process facilities increased, road bed repaired, expert review conducted and ROSAVTODOR permit and special pass finalized to allow outsized cargo transport along public roads.

– Specialized design company Doris developed a design on reinforcement of bridge and man-made structures and carried out bridge reinforcement activities, said Radmir Vagapov, Head of Bashkortostan Directorate for Highway Samara-Ufa-Chelyabinsk. – Upon hauling of turbine and generators, the roads are re-inspected and all the detected faults will be eliminated by the carrier.

Following all the guidelines of the specially developed design to transport the load along the federal highway P-240 Ufa-Orenburg, the combination rig arrived at Salavat.

As for construction itself, Gazprom neftekhim Salavat proceeded to combined cycle gas turbine CCGT-410 T last year as part of Phase 3 for OOO Novo-Salavat CHP. Performance indicators of the new power unit are one of the world’s best among steam and gas units expertise. CCGT-410 T efficiency will exceed 58 %. When operational, the facility will enable to increase efficiency of heat and power generation and meet the company’s needs in energy resources considering construction and start-up of new production facilities.

The subject construction is aimed at combined power and heat generation to provide electricity to the RF power system users and heat to OAO Gazprom neftekhim Salavat consumers. Facility construction completion is scheduled for 2013.