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This summer, the freight traffic between Russia and China will face dramatic changes. For the first time, road carriers will be able to freely transport goods across the territory of two countries, whereas today the main operations are carried out in border areas. On the one hand, this could be a breakthrough for trade growth. On the other hand, experts fear Chinese expansion – it depends on how many carriers does China have.

Already in June, Russia and China will sign a new intergovernmental agreement, which will drastically change the road freight transport between countries. The nuances were discussed in competition magazine Carrier.

According to Ins media, the agreement will be a breakthrough, as it will allow Russian and Chinese road transport companies to move freely through the territory of the two countries.

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As explained by Global truck, which carried out about 200 deliveries to Manchuria in 2016, the route of each particular carriage is now set in advance and does not imply any deviations. Cargo must be drawn up at the border, so most of the operations occur in the border area. As a result, the list of warehouses for the placement of goods is limited, and not all of them meet the requirements for storing cargo and have the necessary equipment.

Permission system

Instead of the current regime of permits for transportation on specific routes after the signing of a new agreement on road transportation of goods, it will be possible to transport goods between any cities of Russia and China, door-to-door.


Frequently, goods are transported first by sea, and then by rail or by road within the country. The multimodal nature of transportation affects both the deadline and the quality of delivery. The new contract will fix this problem.

In addition, China has acceded to the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods using a TIR Carnet. This book gives the right to transport cargo across borders in custom-sealed car bodies or containers with simplified customs procedures.

The introduction of such books by China will significantly facilitate border crossing and cargo transportation. For example, the Chinese carrier will be able to cross the border, go through customs procedures in Yekaterinburg and deliver the goods to Moscow, according to Global truck.

The new rules of commercial road transport between Russia and China will become a powerful incentive for the development of trade between countries and will reduce the financial and time costs of transportation and logistics.