New ballast trailer by Nooteboom

The Nooteboom Ballast trailers have been used for years in order to transport the cranes. The history of trailers began in 1953 when Anton Nooteboom built a hydraulic crane on a Ford V8 chassis. Thus, the production of the road transportation products was initiated. The first attempt to it was tippers, which were applied to carry the sand. Gradually, the production of semi-trailers began.

When the demand for the heavy transportation increased, Nooteboom decided to shift to the abnormal transporters production. In 1963, the trailers became the preferable direction and the crane production company was finally sold.

In 1984, one of the largest cranes came from Van Seumeren. Besides, the lifting capacity kept growing year by year. This made an impulse for the Dick Nooteboom’s trailers development. The 6-axle ballast trailer was the first with the capacity of 68 tonnes. It was pulled by a DAF 8×4 tractor. The machinery was allowed to be used on the national and divisible roads. The followed trailers of such type were even more powerful.

The biggest ballast load trailer

In 2017, the Nooteboom company released their MPL-97-06 with pendle axles (12 tonnes per each) and the fixed load floor. It was made in the framework of the Ballast trailer programme of the firm. It was called a good alternative for the transportation of cranes. The new creation showed several important advantages:

  • safety when operating on height (thanks to the low load floor of 780 mm)
  • high payload
  • impressive maneuverability
  • stiff chassis (because of the high central beam, which prevents bending of the floor).
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Two big companies opted for the new machinery for the transportation of their heavy equipment. They are Wagenborg Nedlift and Peinemann Krane. Both firms valued the advantages of the trailer, which had been recently taken into service. The machinery is planned to be applied for the transportation of the components for their LTM1750 and Terex AC500-2. Three trailers from Nooteboom were purchased in total by now by them.