New cargo ship Kou Chinese

TAI-AN-KOU Chinese is a cargo ship built in 2002.

  • IMO number – 9223277
  • ship name – TAI-AN-KOU
  • type – Heavy Load Carrier
  • flag of China
  • GT – 15,840
  • DWT (t) – 20,247
  • length (m) – 156
  • width (m) – 32
  • year of construction – 2002.

The merit of the sea transport

A large volume of traffic. Almost any sea cargo ship can take on board more cargo than any railroad train, let alone talking about auto and air transport.

The main advantage of sea transport is its cheapness. The fact is that the more cargo at one time it is possible to transport, the cheaper the cost of transportation will be – this is an indissoluble law of cargo transportation. Given that sea vessels are the most capacious transport, the cost here is the lowest.

Sea transport from China is for the most part container transportation, and such transportation is known to be quite convenient and simple in many respects, and also ensuring the absolute safety of cargoes in any situation.

The incident with the ship

Near the coast of Oman, Somali pirates captured recently the ship Tai An Kou. The vessel, which crew did not exceed 20 people, followed under the flag of China. It is noted that the sailors were able to resist the invaders. One of the crewmembers was injured.

Today it is not the first captured ship. So, on November 21, a ship that was heading towards Pakistan was taken captive 430 miles from the Omani port of Salalah. Details concerning the name, flag, ship owner, operator, crew size, and nationality remain unknown. It also became known about the release of the captured fishing trawler Faith with seven citizens of Seychelles on board. Pirates seized the ship on Saturday, November 20. Fishermen were engaged in collecting trepangs in the waters of the exclusive economic zone of Seychelles. As a result of the joint operation of the Seychelles Coast Guard and the European Union naval forces, the trawler and sailors managed to be released, and the pirates were disarmed and arrested.

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Recently, the activity of Somali pirates in the Indian