A new crane model called Liebherr LTM1300 and its features

For the first time, this 300-ton mobile crane was introduced in November 2016 at Bauma China 2016. As stated, this crane is the leader among powerful models of the 300-ton cranes on modern market. Due to the high lifting capacity of its 78-meter telescopic boom, LTM 1300-6.2 is perfectly suited for the installation of tower cranes. It offers a wide range of latticed jibs for different types of lifting operations.

A two-section jib with a length of 12.5 to 21 m can be supplemented with two 7-meter sections making the total length up to 35 m. The hook is simply tilted to the boom, it can be installed relative to the boom at an angle of 0°, 20° or 40°, and on request, it is equipped with a hydraulic drive, which can change the angle of the jib from 0° to 40° at full load. The supporting section of the jib of 5.5 m long can be used as a separate reinforced lifting jib for heavy loads up to 58 tons in weight. On request, the “automatic setting” function can be introduced into the control system.

Liebherr LTM1300 operator work

If to talk about design, it’s impossible not to notice that the company has managed to create a new 6-axle model of a mobile construction equipped with a tilting jib and, due to this, it is universal and can be quickly prepared for operation by the operator, just like the 5-axis model.

Looking from another point of view, this model is still a unique one on the market with such characteristics and the smallest crane on the market with a lifting grate. For construction companies that need a crane with a lifting jib, a new 6-axle model from Liebherr – Liebherr LTM 1300 – can be very convenient. It is located in the class of good cranes with a lifting jib. Lattice jib can be raised in steps of 3.5 m to a height of 70 m. A stationary jib with a length of 14 to 42 m also has modules of 3.5 m, which allow changing its load capacity.

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Crane adjustment

Functions of this automatic adjustment – by the weight of the counterweights and the lifting of the latticed jib – are activated very simply. A stationary jib can be raised without the help of another crane.

The mechanical transmission provides high efficiency. If the speed is lowered, the engine develops sufficient power to operate the crane lifting mechanism. Thanks to this scheme, fuel is saved, the maintenance amount required and the weight of the machine is reduced. Due to their weight, the designers were able to strengthen the load-bearing elements, i.e., to increase the carrying capacity of the machine.

The electronic control system by Liebherr LICCON2 is installed on many models of Liebherr cranes. As for this modern model, the software has been specifically modified to take into account the drive from one engine and the mechanical drive of the superstructure units to ensure fuel economy. The program automatically disconnects the hydraulic pump drive when there is no workload and instantly connects if necessary. With the help of a lot of functional BTT displays with Bluetooth function, it is possible to adjust various control functions, for example, with the installed second winch. Via Bluetooth, the winch and the telescopic cylinder of the boom of the crane are remotely controlled.