Presentation of a new crane of model Liebherr Ltm1160

The Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2 truck crane has a maximum load capacity of 160 tons at a distance of 3 meters from its axis. The telescopic boom of the crane extends to 62 meters, but when using a 19-meter jib, the total length of the boom can reach 81 meters.

The crane does not require transportation, because its own speed can reach 80 km/h. The crane is also equipped with pneumatic disc brakes, which provide greater safety and stability during braking.

Presentation of the Liebherr ltm1160

The five-cylinder Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2 truck crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 160 tons became the second in the company’s model line, for which an innovative single-engine concept is used: the chassis and crane plant are powered by two engines, as well as customary from one engine. Shortly before, potential customers were shown a Liebherr 1300-6.2, more heavily built, based on a similar principle, on a six-axle chassis.

What is the essence of a single-engine concept for truck cranes of this weight category? The thing is that in new models of Liebherr, the crane superstructure is deprived of its own engine. To the mechanisms established in it, shafts are passed through the turning circle, transmitting the torque from the power unit mounted on the chassis. Such a solution has several winning moments, including allowing to save fuel with a higher efficiency, a smaller amount of work with routine maintenance and a reduction in the operating weight, so that the mass of crane units can be increased, thereby improving their characteristics. In particular, compared with the previous model by the company, while maintaining the maximum boom length of 62 m, the allowable load of the new model was increased by more than 20%, which is largely due to the use of a single-engine concept. The fuel economy also increases due to the automatic disconnection of the drive to the crane superstructure when its equipment is not used.

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Technical details

The chassis is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine having 544 hp. With it, an automated 12-speed ZF AS-Tronic gearbox with an integrated retarder brake and a 2-speed transfer case with a lockable differential are fitted. As an option, another transmission brake is offered, electromagnetic, supplied by Telma company. To improve maneuverability and reduce tire wear, the rear axles are made manageable. The work of the electro-hydraulic control system that activates them depends on the speed of the truck crane.

The boom can be equipped with various extensions, including jibs with an angle of inclination from 0 to 40 degrees, which increases the height of the load up to 93 m and the boom pass out to 76 m. The electronic control system of the boom equipment LICCON 2 allows to safely perform up to four operations with the crane equipment at the same time. Moreover, the driver can exit the cockpit with the remote control for more careful control of removing or securing the hook block on the bumper.

Due to the use of five axles with a 60-ton crane weight, each of them has a load not exceeding 12 tons. In addition, compared to the previous model, the width of the Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2 is reduced from 3 to 2.75 m, which simplifies movement on the roads of general use and maneuvering on tight construction sites.