Learn more about the new crane model from the world famous manufacturer – LR 11350

Crawler crane LR 11350 sets new standards in the class of cranes over 1,000 tons.

  1. Due to different boom systems, this crane model has an exceptionally flexible use of it with or without derrick system.
  2. The standards of safety are very high as well as the level of serviceability concerning its outstanding characteristics.
  3. This model has an exceptional carrying capacity concerning any sphere where it can be used.
  4. The design makes it possible to make economical and simple transportation of the whole device or its parts, as well as rapid mantling/dismantling.
  5. Some details are to be transported as single separate units – like the diesel engine, hydraulic system, electrical equipment or the cab.


in progress building structure photo


  • Dimensions of support: 14.50 x 13.00 m
  • Lattice boom extension: 12–114 m
  • Load capacity: 1,350 t
  • Main boom length: 150.00 m
  • Total counterweight: 990 t
  • Tower mast: 42 m
  • Transport length: 15.65 m
  • Transport width: 13.00 m

Model Selection

Load-carrying capacity is the main criterion for selecting a crawler crane. Crawler cranes are ideal for construction and installation work, somehow related to the movement of heavy loads. Unlike similar technology installed on the automobile chassis, they have a much greater stability, can perform a complete revolving around its axis, which facilitates the installation of large structures.

You can rent a crawler crane, a technique from other well-proven manufacturers. But first, you will need to determine the characteristics of the machine, which will solve a particular problem. One of the main criteria for choosing a crawler crane is its load capacity, so we will pay special attention to it.

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Choice of the crawler crane for load capacity

In the catalog, you can easily find the following types of crawler cranes, which differ from each other by the criteria:

  • cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons. Bright representatives of this section exerting a slight pressure on the ground can be successfully used to carry out works in close proximity to pits
  • machines with a carrying capacity of 60-100 tons. The catalog includes tracked cranes Liebherr HS 845 HD (70 t) and Liebherr LR 1160 with a lifting capacity of up to 300 tons
  • crawler cranes of high carrying capacity are the machines capable to lift a cargo weighing more than 300 tons. The company is ready to lease models such as Liebherr LR 1350 that can easily handle this task.

Load-carrying capacity is rather important, but not the only criterion for choosing a crawler crane. Choosing the technique for installing any structures or building large objects, it is necessary to take into account other characteristics of the equipment. This is the length of the boom, allowing you to work at high altitudes, the machine’s performance, and the speed of lowering or lifting the load. Use the advice of a specialist company who will give expert assistance in the selection and provide a crawler crane to solve your specific task.