New Design Solutions for NPP

black metal empty building

OAO ZiO-Podolsk (part of Rosatom machine building division – AtomEnergoMash) manufactured and shipped to Novovoronezh NPP-2 a high pressure heater (PVD-6) for the second power unit of the plant under construction. The equipment weighs 108 tons and measures 9.89 meters long, 3.52 meters wide and 3.64 meters high.
HP chamber-type heaters (PVD-K) are designated to operate in regeneration system of К-1200-6,8/50 steam turbine unit, part of NPP blocks VVER-1200.

A total of four PVD-K vessels have been manufactured by the plant for the second power unit of Novovoronezh NPP-2. New design solutions are applied in their fabrication which allows to boost thermal efficiency and reliability of equipment. PVD transportation calls for a specific transport mode and will involve both railroad and special vehicles.

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