New low loader platform

Low-load platform Nooteboom OSDS 58 04V for loader Manoovr has a lifting capacity of 46 thousand kilograms and is useful for the transport of any cargo.

Technical details

brown and white rock formation

  • Carrying capacity, kg is 46,000
  • Loading height, mm 860
  • Axle load, kg is 18,000
  • Minimum turning radius, m, 4.5
  • Length 6,626
  • Width 2,490
  • Height 2,970
  • Gross weight, kg, 58,000.

Why is this the best of types of loader

Manoovr would not have become so maneuverable without an improved hydraulic pendular suspension. The axle assembly is attached to the frame via a press-stud – the most compact mounting option. In addition to these advantages, the company promises that the mileage of tires will be at least 300 thousand km. Nevertheless, that is not all. In the Netherlands and Germany, the permissible axle load with an independent suspension is 10 tons, and the axle with a pendulum suspension is 12 tons. In other European countries, for a pendular suspension, the permissible load is also greater than for other suspension structures.

Innovative solution

In 2016, a Multidolly front-wheel truck with the same characteristics was added: a load of 12 tons per axle line, a height is 780 mm, a suspension stroke is 500 mm, and an angle of rotation is 70°. The semi-trailer’s accuracy has increased to 10, and the load capacity is up to 160 tons. Here it is possible to elaborate on why Nooteboom does not deal with modular vehicles. The load capacity is 160 tons, the ability to transport various cargoes, including concentrated ones, covers 95% of the requirements for transportation of large-sized heavy cargoes. The other thing Nooteboom proclaimed is simplicity in operation as its priority and competitive advantage. Modular vehicles are more difficult to operate than semi-trailers, even if built on a modular basis. Thus, covering the lion’s share of the oversized transportation market and adhering to the principle of ease of operation, Nooteboom sees investment prospects in modular vehicles. At least for the time being. Thus, Nooteboom demonstrates a commitment to an innovative approach.

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