New Port for Non-Standard Cargoes

white clouds over the sea

The multipurpose reloading complex Bronka is one of the few sea ports in Russia capable of receiving and handling oversized freight of almost any configuration. 3,690 tons of outsized and overweight cargoes were transhipped from BBC Citrine vessel in the new deepwater port in June. The vessel with the equipment had arrived at the port from Houston (USA).

Complicated configuration of oversized units called for special slinging technique using dedicated lifting gear which is fully available in the Port of Bronka. Up-to-date equipment installed in the port allows to handle any abnormal loads under strict deadlines, even in the remote automatic mode, with no need to involve riggers.
The vast terminal area also enabled optimal laydown of cargo, taking into account the priorities of its transportation from the port by railway and trucks.
In May, the Port of Bronka accommodated the biggest passenger and freight ferry Finnlines. The vessel is owned by Grimaldi company – the largest ocean ferry carrier which performs regular calls at Saint Petersburg from several European ports. Finnstar delivered new machinery and equipment to the port and was loaded with harvester threshers for further export.
A total of four conventional vessels with oversize and heavy cargoes have been handled in the Port of Bronka since the beginning of the month. Total volume made 5,982 tons. Maximum weight of one unit of cargo came to 200 tons, and this is far from the limit of facilities in the new deepwater port.

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