New project of RF & Serbia

The firm OIS (“Oil Industry of Serbia”, Gazprom owns about 56% of it) began the creation of a new deep processing complex at the refinery with a special technology of making coking coal. It is based on the delayed method, which is going to be a so-called revolution in this area.

The making of this new facility is the 2nd stage of the whole project connected with the large-scale program of modernization of the processing capacities of the OIS, which Gazprom has been implementing since 2009. The amount of investment in the modern project will exceed €300 million – for today it’s the biggest investment project that had ever happened to the country’s economy. The completion of the construction of Pancevo Serbia project is scheduled for the end of 2019.

Start of construction

The ceremonial start to the beginning of the building process has been given by the President & the Gazprom Chairman.

The plant’s capacity is two thousand tons daily. Putting the complex into operation will increase the depth of oil refining – one of the key indicators of the operating efficiency of oil refineries – up to 99%. Nevertheless, the global quantity of making a high-quality diesel fuel will increase by more than 38%. As part of the project, OIS will start producing petroleum coke coal, which is currently not produced in the native country. After commissioning the complex in Pancevo, the refinery will cease production of fueling oil with a high sulfur content, which will not only improve the environmental performance but will also ensure that the country fulfills its international obligations in the sphere of limiting the use of fuel with high content of sulfur.

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Milestone Warsaw in refinery in Pancevo

The new production complex commissioning (located at the Pancevo oil refinery) is going to make it possible to reach a record depth of processing – no less than 99%. Introducing modern solutions connected with techno industry, Gazprom seeks to bring the refineries of the group to the level of the best enterprises in the world in terms of processing depth, energy efficiency & environmental friendliness.

OIS is one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in South-Eastern Europe. The main activities are exploration, production & processing of oil & gas, production & marketing of a wide range of oil products, as well as the implementation of projects in the field of energy. The main shareholders are Gazprom (56.15%) & the Government of the Serbian Republic.