The new semi low-loader from Nooteboom

In order to make their trailers meet the specific requirements of the customers, Nooteboom presented the modernized OSD semi low-loader. The machinery fully corresponds to the needs of professional road transport operator. The vehicles are created in the framework of the OSD PRO-program and can be applied for various purposes.

The key feature of the semi low-loaders of such type is their load floor height. It is very low and is available in two variations. The first group has standard loaded load floor height of approximately 88 cm in a drive position. It is created for the vehicles with the 10 tonnes per axle or 12 tonnes per axle. The second group has a load floor of 78 cm, which is considered very low. It is appropriate for the 8 tonnes/axle vehicles. The possible speed for both variations totals 80 km per hour.

yellow and black heavy equipment

It is noticeable that the options can be selected depending on the purposes and requirements of the customers. Besides, the whole semi low-loader can be assembled according to the customer’s needs.

The features of the semi low-loader

The vehicles, which can be easily adapted to any specific application, are a real innovation. Let’s consider the possible features of the machinery:

  • the number of axles: 2-5
  • type of suspension: air/hydropneumatic (with raise/lower function)
  • extendable load floor: fixed/single
  • load floor height: 780/880 mm
  • load floor width: 2520 mm/2740 mm
  • axle distance: 136 cm
  • axle type: SAF or BPW
  • self-tracking rear axles: 1-2.

The vehicles can be used in different variations. They are easily combined with an excavator trough, wheel wells or some other parts.

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Besides, the OSD semi low-loaders by Nooteboom have the high-quality finish and conservation, while the chassis is fully hot zinc coated. All of the above make the vehicles effective, reliable, and safe.

The creation of such machinery became another step to the future made by the Nooteboom company. They managed to become more competitive preserving their leadership in the industry of abnormal transport.