A new semi-submersible ship with 98,000-tonne capacity was delivered by COSCO

COSCO is a logistics company, which is situated in Shanghai, China. The key direction of the firm is the cargo shipping and the related services for both national and international clients. It was founded in 1997.

COSCO cooperates with the companies in:

  • Asia
  • Pacific region
  • Europe
  • PRC, etc.

The firm is recognized as one of the leaders in the sphere for its professionalism, reliability, quality & environment management system, and safety.

Because of the high-quality services, COSCO has managed to receive plenty of awards, such as PANTOS/LG Best Partner, the Best Supplier at SGM Suppliers and Awarding Ceremony, the Best of the Faw-Volkswagen Suppliers, etc.

To provide the clients with the best services, they apply general and semi-submersible vessels.

The biggest semi-submersible ship launched by Guangzhou Shipyard International

A new semi-submersible vessel amazed the transportation companies all over the world. It is the 8th semisubmersible ship created by the Guangzhou Shipyard International firm. It has been already called the 2nd largest semi-submersible heavy lift ship in the whole world. The vessel has been named Guang Hua and possesses the following characteristics:

  • length: 210 meters
  • width: 68 meters
  • carrying capacity: 98,000 tonnes.

The semi-submersible vessels with such features will become extremely useful for the transportation of:

  • ocean drilling platforms
  • smaller vessels
  • large-scale architectural structures (for instance, made of steel) and the other awkward loads.

The launch of the semi-submersible vessel took place in Guangzhou in winter of 2017. The delivery was taken by the COSCO Shipping Company.

The new ship will allow widening the services of the transportation companies and make the delivery much safer. The vessel is supplied with the submersible loading deck, which is able to lower to a depth of about 30 meters. Thus, the heavy cargoes might be floated onboard.

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Guangzhou Shipyard International: the vessel manufacturer

The company is a modern shipbuilding firm, which is owned by Offshore & Marine Engineering Group. It possesses the largest base for the construction of various vessels in the southern part of China. The shipbuilding capacity of Guangzhou Shipyard International reaches 3.5 m dwt annually.

They apply various technologies to improve their products. The company produces different kinds of ships:

  • MR
  • VLOC
  • VLCC
  • AFRA
  • semi-submersible
  • ro-ro
  • navy support vessel
  • Polar Class Deck Carrier, etc.

The offshore unit constriction and shipbuilding are carried out in the company’s factories, which are:

  • Liwan (the city of Guangzhou)
  • Zhongshan (at Onshore Industrial Park of Zhongshan Torch Development Zone)
  • Nansha (in the Longxue Island).

Guangzhou Shipyard International owns enough facilities for the construction, which are dry docks, slipways, gantry cranes, and a long coastline area on the territory of their factories.

The creation of another semi-submersible vessel has become a great step for the company. It will definitely influence on its expansion and reputation on the global market.