Find out what new tires are designed for in low bed trailer

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Goodyear has introduced a new trailer tire Goodyear KMAX T for low bed trailers. A novelty featuring an increased mileage is designed to equip low-platform trailers with wheel discs of 17.5 inches in diameter and will be available in five sizes that cover the full range of trailer specifications with a low frame.

The low-bed trailers are usually used for transportation of oversize or heavy equipment, including construction and agricultural equipment and long indivisible goods, for example, nodes of a wind turbine. Low-frame trailers, as a rule, have many axes, controlled and uncontrolled. The new tires are designed in strict accordance with the complex specific requirements for low bed trailer and have a high resource.

Design Features

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The shape of the Goodyear KMAX T tire tread ensures optimum pressure distribution in the contact patch. Due to this, it has a high mileage, low rolling resistance, and uniform wear. The high load, typical for low-frame trailers, is effectively distributed over the entire wide working surface of the tire, equipped with a strong tread with three longitudinal grooves. The lamellas in the blocks of the tread, located in the longitudinal direction, increase the grip of tires with a snowy and wet road. Thanks to this, the tires have a high resource and allow keeping the mobility of equipment at any time of the year in strict accordance with the requirements of the European marking of winter tires 3PMSF. Additional grip on the road is provided by grooves applied to the protector in the form of zigzag lines. This design ensures the numerous edges of the tread when they enter the contact spot on the road.

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Special form

Zigzag shape of the grooves also contributes to the effective self-cleaning of the tread against the stones. For greater durability, the bead area of the tire is strengthened and fully complies with the stringent requirements for low-trawl models. The chemical formula of the new composition of the rubber compound of the tread allows the tire to withstand the high contact stresses characteristic for trailers with a low platform.