Learn more about the new vessel created in China

ZHI YUAN KOU (Tai Zhi Yuan) is a Heavy Load Carrier built in 2012 and is sailing under the Chinese flag.

Register data:

  • IMO number 9639452
  • the name of the vessel is ZHI YUAN KOU
  • type – Heavy Load Carrier
  • Yuan flag – China
  • GT 32793
  • DWT (t) 38,039
  • length (m) 195
  • width (m) 42
  • year of construction 2012.

More about it was told at the Yuan Tai Houston conference.

Latest news

On the Thursday night, the cargo and passenger ships collided near the coast of China. As a result of the incident near the centerline thruster, the cargo ship sank, and two people disappeared. The search and rescue operation continues at the scene of the accident. It was on the shores of southern province Guangdong; submersible ship was one of those, which collided. This is reported by RIA with reference to Xinhua News Agency.

The incident occurred on the Thursday night. It is noted that the cargo ship was carrying steel sheets and there were 970 passengers and 140 cars on the passenger ship.

As a result of the collision, five people from the cargo ship fell into the water, three of them were saved, and two more were missing. The passenger ship was towed to the port; no one on board was injured. Subsequently, the cargo ship sank.

Currently, the search and rescue operation continues at the scene. The police opened an investigation to find out the causes of the accident.

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New items of the Chinese fleet

At the shipyard of Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Ltd. in Guangzhou, China launched a cargo ship fully operating on electricity. As the publication specifies, the ship has a carrying capacity of 2 thousand tons. Its power reserve is 80 km on one charge. The capacity of the lithium battery is 2.4 thousand kWh. This is equivalent to the energy of the batteries of 40 new electric cars. The electric vehicle can reach speeds of up to 12.8 km/h.

“Since the ship has an electric motor, it does not pose any threat to the environment. This technology will soon be introduced in passenger water transport and on engineering ships,” said Huang Jialin, chairman of the ship developer company, Hangzhou Modern Ship Design & Research Co.