The new ways of working with the heavy loads over 150,000 tonnes move

The heavyweight freights have always been a big problem for the logistics companies. It is connected with the fact that they contain plenty of complexities. To provide the customers with the high-quality services, it is required:

  • planning the transportation beforehand
  • making the hauling in accordance with the laws and local regulations
  • using special equipment.

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Today the great part of problems occurs with mobility and challenging regulations. The latest might be different in various parts of the country, which makes the long-distance transportations difficult. For instance, the most common troubles are connected with the parking facilities, special hours for transportations, and load limits.

The biggest issue is the hauling of the heavy-weight units, which are more than 150,000 tonnes. The ways of transportation for such loads must be secure, legal, and affordable.

As the vice president of Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association Steve Todd claims, the regulations across North America and Europe are too desperate, which is the greatest challenge for the specialized carriers.

Nevertheless, many companies keep working hard to modernize the transportation system, adding new equipment and strategy.

Ultimate heavy hauling in Florida

In December of 2016, pulp and paper plant evaporator vessels have been transported by McTyre Trucking, which specializes in over-dimensional cargoes. Each of the nine units weighted about 140 tonnes. The transportation had a route from the Port of Jacksonville to Palatka. Initially, the cargo came from China by ship. In Jaxport, the cargo was loaded to the barges to cross the Palatka River and reach the destination. The next part of transportation was over-road and directed to the Georgia Pacific plant. The latest demanded the application of 10 lines of Goldhofer THP hydraulic platform trailers, which were powered by prime movers.

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According to the representatives of the company, the planning of the transportation started several months before the hauling. It helped foresee the possible problems and make decisions faster.

Before the transportation of the evaporator vessels, Georgia plant had received 188-ton steam turbine from Italy. It was the main event for Brewton, AL. The transportation had a route over the port of Pensacola. The service was provided by Sarens, which managed to deliver the cargo in time and minimize the disruption to the citizens. Besides, the representatives said, the success was also caused by the cooperation of the carrier, local authorities, and the other parties of the transportation.

Intermountain Rigging and Heavy Haul: the heaviest over-the-road haul

Intermountain Heavy Haul was selected as a carrier of 800-tonne phase-shifting transformer. The challenge was reinforced by the exposure several days before the departure.

The first transition was from the plant to Tianjin port. Then, the cargo was shipped to Houston, transported to New Mexico by train, and finally delivered to Monticello by means of the over-road transport.

According to the Intermountain Rigging’s representatives, the daylight time, corners, parking facilities, and the other details were taken into consideration. The specialists used Intermountain lift trucks, Jack-and-slide systems, and other equipment to fulfill the delivery in time.