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Company achievements

Analyzing the state and development strategy of the heavy transport industry in 2010, we can say that it can be defined as a strategy to stabilize companies seeking to make the most of their existing capacities after the deepest international economic crisis. The British company Allelys HeavyHaulage has increased the total volume of traffic by 2854 tons. This allowed Osprey media to climb 12 places up at once: from the 52nd in 2010 to the 40th in 2011.

Analysis of the Osprey city transportation market in 2011 shows that most leading companies have added from 5% to 35% of the volume of their traffic. In 2011, the largest freight companies invested heavily in modernizing their vehicles and expanding their staff. These events show that most industries and construction are recovering from the crisis, so the need for transportation services for oversized cargo will also increase in the near future.

Most of the top 50 companies come from the United States, the European countries, the Netherlands, and the UK. They have the largest representation.

Big deal and transportation

aerial photo of gray metal parts

In 2014, Allelys entered into a contract with Siemens for the transportation of two shunt reactors weighing 38.4 tons each, two network transformers weighing 110 tons, as well as two phase-controlled transformers. The equipment is being delivered as part of a project to build a new communication line Kintyre-Hunterston with a capacity of 132 kW in the west of Scotland. The project includes the construction of a new substation, the creation of 14 km of new contact lines and the laying of 41 kilometers of double submarine cable.

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At the end of April 2015, Allelys delivered phase-controlled transformers, closing its obligations under this contract.

The equipment has come a long way from the Siemens plant in Austria to the Scottish port of Campbeltown. Here, the transformers were loaded onto 3 Goldhofer semi-trailers with a girder truss. Allelys purchased 5 Goldhofer Faktor 5 trailers in July 2014 due to an increase in the size of equipment produced for the energy industry. Goldhofer Faktor 5 trailers with a lifting capacity of 500 tons with a bridge girder can also be used as a barrel site. At the moment, these are the largest semi-trailers with bridge truss in Europe.

The speed of movement on this transport was 3 miles per hour; travel time was 2 days.