Latest news about transport Ruslan International, a major project

Completion of the project

The Ruslan International was established in 2006 in cooperation with Russian Airlines to promote the AN-124-1100 air transportation services. It is going to cease operations on the last day of 2016.

For a decade of activity, Ruslan International has been fruitfully working in the market of transporting oversized and extra heavy loads. SE Antonov expresses gratitude to Volga-Dnepr Airlines for its long-term cooperation on the global market for air transportation by AN-124-1100 Ruslan aircraft.

Change of priorities

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From now on, Antonov Airlines in the United Kingdom will be represented by a team of Dreamlifts Ltd, consisting of a group of authoritative specialists, which provides services in the field of transportation of large-sized and extra-heavy loads. SE Antonov will continue adhering to the traditions of fruitful interaction with customers, which has been developing for 10 years in the global logistics system based on the most personalized approach to the wishes of each client.

According to Alexander Kochergin, President of Antonov State Enterprise, “Antonov Airlines’ activities are supported by the capabilities of Antonov State Enterprise in developing and providing solutions for implementing the most complex logistics projects.” As the developer of the AN-124-1100 and certificate holder for this aircraft, Antonov will ensure the operation of the unsurpassed Ruslans on the global air transport market for many more years. They will work with an experienced and energetic team in the United Kingdom and see great prospects in collaboration with other customers.

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Festive events

In 2016, the Antonov State Enterprise celebrates the 110th anniversary of the birth of Oleg Antonov, the founder of the company and the head of the creation of the world-famous giant AN-124 Ruslan, which became the world’s largest production aircraft. 27 years ago, Antonov introduced this transporter on the world commercial air transportation market. Currently, the Antonov Airlines air fleet consists of seven AN-124 aircrafts, including the AN-124-100M-150 with an increased carrying capacity of up to 150 tons. The company also operates the unique AN-225 Mriya aircraft with a carrying capacity of 250 tons and the largest AN-22 Antey turboprop transporter.