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About company: the creation on the Buckner crane

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For most ordinary consumers, this German engineering company is associated exclusively with refrigerators and frosts. In fact, household appliances account for only a small percentage of the group’s revenues. The main income item is machines, port equipment, construction machinery, special machinery, mining and excavating equipment, quarry dump trucks and so on. Liebherr products are used in aerospace engineering and transport. Many developments are unique, unparalleled by competitors.

Construction cranes of the post-war (WWII) years were massive and slow-moving monsters, so they were used only when building really large and complex objects. Liebherr started designing its own crane structure, which could be used in small areas. Entrepreneurial Liebherr immediately founded a company for the production of such machines.

Business development

Things went well because the products were unique and in demand. If we also take into account the fact that it was sold at very democratic prices, it becomes clear how the tiny workshop turned into a small factory, literally in a matter of weeks. In 1958, the first foreign plant was built in Ireland. Experiments in the field of refrigeration technology company began in 1955. The 50’s are the period of appearance of many representative offices in various European countries.

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The method of control of Hans Liebherr became a kind of legend. He alone and rigidly ruled his overgrown offspring. Thrift, bordering with stinginess, was supplemented by measures such as tight control. Hans at any time could visit any of the units anywhere in the world with a control check. Violators had very hard times. The most interesting thing is that he communicated with ordinary workers first and talked with managers only after. Liebherr never got involved in questionable enterprises and did not take any bank loans, even at the expense of the company’s growth rate. Such financial conservatism guaranteed the absence of any debts even in the most difficult times for the country’s economy.


Now the production of cranes of various types is only one-third of the income of the holding company Liebherr-International AG, and the remaining family business. Liebherr himself lived a long life, having died in 1993. His descendants, who took the reins of government in the 90s, are now among the richest people on the planet.

The head office of Liebherr-International AG is located in the city of Bulle, Switzerland. There Liebherr himself settled in the middle of the 80s, in order to avoid the colossal German taxes on inheritance. The Liebherr Group includes many independent units. Representations are scattered all over the world. Annual incomes have long been estimated in billions of dollars.