Varamar company is one of the leaders in Eastern Europe

According to Bloomberg, Varamar Odessa LLC, which deals with sea freight, intends to begin taking payment for its services in bitcoins.

In the commentary by the news agency, the founder of the trucking company A. Varvarenko says this way it will be possible to simplify business procedures in the sphere of international payments, reduce the costs of conducting relevant transactions and circumvent international sanctions.

white and red boat on dock during night time


Documentary security of transactions is a complicated procedure involving banks. So payments in bitcoins will help cope with this faster. This will help resolve settlement problems with countries such as Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, and Qatar, where there are safe companies that have been the victims of sanctions against them.

It is reported that the first such transaction is already under discussion.

We remind that in late November, the National Bank of Ukraine and other organizations came to a joint statement on the status of the country’s cryptocurrency. The statement says that Ukraine’s financial regulators cannot recognize crypto-currencies as cash, currency or payment means of another country, as well as a currency value, electronic money, securities or a monetary surrogate.

At the same time, the law on additional sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea, signed by the US president in August, excludes mentioning of crypto-currency. The document refers to the strengthening of the national security strategy aimed at “combating the financing of terrorism and related forms of illicit cash turnover.”

A good example

The shipping industry is already making significant investments in commerce through blockchain technology, in which several pilot projects around the world have already been tested for the full logistics cycle & the introduction of supply chains through the blockchain system. Taking bitcoin as a payment method together with the introduction of a blockchain, the world shipping will see a significant increase in efficiency & revenues using decentralized technologies. The company hopes it is going to be the reason to become a leader in their field.

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