The world is frozen in anticipation of the growth in demand for grain: news by channel Biorefinery & Terminals Llc

Grain and crops could be used very successfully to become the main source of food for humanity, but it was always used primarily for business. Also, grain was not particularly involved in global processing and other industries.

Perhaps, right now it is time to change this, as the world community finally realized how much significant this area is. In addition, last year a record increase in the produced pacific ethanol Stockton was noted.

The Ministry of Agriculture in the America recently released data on world grain markets. Their forecast: an increase in the volume of wheat, rice, and corn.

Prospects for the development of pacific ethanol Madera

wicker basket on rice grains

As it was already mentioned, world grain magazine in the past year has been marked by a record increase in the amount of ethanol produced in the US. Analysts predict the development of this trend. Why is this happening? Mainly for the reason that the number of ways of using this raw material has significantly expanded.

Potentially, ethanol-related projects are extremely diverse. It should be noted that the factories would require the delivery of a huge number of new equipment, including large-size: pumps, dryers, cisterns and so on. Ethanol is part of a gasoline additive, so its storage and use require special conditions. The fact is also important that ethanol requires a different relationship when exporting to different countries, because technology and rules for it are not unified.

What changes will grain in bulk bring?

As for other future changes, such types as new wagons, tank trucks, new equipment for oil terminals, etc. were noted. Obviously, there will be enough tasks for the coming years. As for the nearest plans, most probably the first stage will be the project of the Summit Group, which has a value of about 115 million. This project is created to develop ethanol made of corn in Brazil. Approximate duration of construction is several years.

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Updates that are relevant today include projects for installing a solar power system, as well as gas conversion for industry.

According to forecasts, this race will include not only the US, but also other countries.

Speaking of more detailed features, it should be noted that remote markets remain even in the territory of developing countries. Particular attention is paid to product packaging – usually multi-layer bags. In this connection, the ports are equipped with special elevators.

Great prospects await us in the field of investment. For example, Viterra Pacific provided an investment of $100 million for the Canadian port. Due to this, the terminal in the port can handle up to 6 million tons per year, which is three times more than before.

Investments and prospects are also considered in the field of construction of mills, granaries, and silos. Energy efficiency is also important.