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About the event: Breakbulk Americas 2017

The international exhibition of bulk carriers, Breakbulk conference, in the USA, Houston, is held every year. Breakbulk Series exhibitions are a major event for carriers and bulk cargo owners. Exhibitions under the Breakbulk brand in Europe – Breakbulk Europe, the American – Breakbulk Americas (in the USA) and in Asia – Breakbulk Asia, are held annually. The Americas logo, as well as other countries’, are different. Here, logisticians can meet and establish business contacts with representatives of leading transport companies and terminals, packers and freight forwarders who have the experience and resources to transport goods of any complexity. The exhibition will host a two-day conference, which will be devoted to the problems of the industry. The Breakbulk magazine tells about Houston 2017 events more precisely. By the way, you can reach the place by using air cargo Americas and Uber VIP Houston.

About bulk transport: Feria de Houston 2017

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Bulk is the main topic of the transportation conference 2017, one of the main events among Houston trade shows 2016. Joc conference will let you find out many useful tips, following the 2017 IRL schedule.

In the matter of cargo transportation by sea for cargoes of various types, there are special ways to transport them. The article will reveal such a concept as “bulk transportation”, the main procedures and shortcomings of such transportation. Taking into account the prices and conditions of the order, for any of the parties to the contract for the delivery of cargo, bulk transport is a convenient and profitable method of delivery of bulk goods.

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To deliver any bulk materials by water, bulk transport is used. Bulk transport is a way to move goods through a specialized vessel – bulk carrier. Bulker is a cargo ship used to transport cargo without packaging, using the embankment method, or in bulk. Such cargoes as cement, ore, coal, grain, scrap metal, and others suitable for transportation by a bulk carrier.

Basic rules for bulk transport

Maritime shipping for foreign trade activities takes into account certain rules and procedures for the implementation of various types of freight. First of all, any cargo transportation, including bulk shipments, is carried out in accordance with certain established legal norms. This applies to all contracts for the delivery of the sea, defining the mechanism of international transportation of goods. To date, the following are in force: the Hague Rules of 1931 and the Hamburg Rules, which entered into force in November 1992.