Meet Nicolas trailers at the Nooteboom Global Trailer Center

Nooteboom is aimed at making the efficient and maneuverable vehicles available for the operators. For this purpose, their Global Trailer Center was created. Among the other variations of machinery, the trailers designed by the Nicolas company are presented.

The vehicle under discussion is used. However, it is still quite effective and widespread for the abnormal transportations. It was created in 1990. Despite its age, the vehicle is used by the operators because of its stability, maneuverability, and cost-effectiveness.

The machinery is a low-loader with 4 axles + 2-axle dolly. Consider the most important features of the vehicle:

  • type of the trailer: low-loader
  • number of axles: 6 (4+2)
  • type of suspension: hydraulic
  • steering system: hydraulic
  • load floor size: 1,280 mm x 6,500 mm (width and length)
  • the length of a gooseneck: 4,060 mm
  • load floor height: 625 mm
  • dead weight: 22.2 tonnes
  • GVW: 90.8 tonnes
  • payload: 68.6-78.6 tonnes.

There are also additional outriggers for this model of low-loader. The price of the vehicle is reasonable, which makes it available for the customers. To observe its full list of characteristics, visit the website or the Nooteboom Global Trailer Center.

Nicholas: general information about the manufacturer

The company under consideration was founded in 1855. The development was constant. The first heavy-duty vehicles were designed in 1937. The machinery was created for mainly agricultural purposes. In 1939, the vehicles for the industrial goods transportation were also developed. In 1951, the first low-bed trailer was created. Since 1956, the firm has paid great attention to the development of hydraulically supported pendulum axle. The new features were added almost every year. Such strategy allowed Nicholas taking one of the leading positions on the European market.

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Today the company is aimed at producing innovative vehicles using the advanced technologies and methods.

The top quality of their trailers is supported by many certificates and awards. The reliability and efficiency are the key reasons why the Euro 2+4 low-loader is presented at the Global Trailer Center.