Doll trailers are now available at the Nooteboom Global Trailer Center

DOLL is one of the famous manufacturers of various trailers. The company was founded many years ago, while the latest production site was opened in 2009 in Mildenau. It is mostly directed to the Eastern European market. The firm is aimed at constant development and expansion. Doll applies high-tech solutions to create the effective, maneuverable, and comfortable trailers.

The headquarters of the company are in Oppenau in the Black Forest. Besides, they are greatly involved in the export activity selling their products to the partners in Africa and Asia. The firm strongly cooperates with North Africa and Singapore, where the sales offices are located. Another important partner is the CTV Company from Thailand. Doll also has offices and partners in the other countries all over the world.truck with six wheels

Consider the main principles of the company:

  • correspondence to the customers’ requirements
  • the innovative spirit of the production
  • structured product lines
  • production flexibility.

Doll trailers at the Nooteboom Global Trailer Center

Nooteboom is one of the leading companies producing various vehicles for the abnormal transportations. However, they are aimed at not just manufacturing the trailers but also making the top-quality machinery available. Their Global Trailer Center gives a unique chance to purchase used trailers for different purposes and at lower prices. As Doll is a reliable company, their trailers are not an exception.

At the GTC, the operators can observe and buy the DOLL 3-Axle Telescopic trailer (V003572 model). It was designed in 2006. Nevertheless, it is still widely applied for the transportations. Let’s look at the primary characteristics of the vehicle:

  • type of the trailer: flatbed trailer
  • number of axles: 3
  • type of suspension: air
  • steering system: self-tracking
  • load floor size: 2,470 mm x 13,560 mm (width and length)
  • maximum length: 18,060 mm
  • dead weight: 7.5 tonnes
  • GVW: 45 tonnes
  • payload: 37.5 tonnes.
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The price of the vehicle under consideration is reasonable. Despite the fact it is used, it is still efficient and reliable.