The Nooteboom company’s innovative programme

Nooteboom is a well-known firm, which is one of the leaders in the field of abnormal transport. The company considers working in the direction of the development of excavator troughs, which can be placed on any of their trailers. The excavator trough is now available as a standard for all semi low loaders, which are equipped with up to 6 axles. Besides, the firm assures that the other pieces of machinery can be equipped with such element on request of the customers as well. The excavator trough can have different width depending on the width of the definite vehicle.

yellow and black excavator on brown field during daytime

The loaders of this company have plenty of advantages independent from the excavator trough:

  • low floor height (which is less than 790 mm)
  • better versatility (with the suspension stroke of 600 mm)
  • 12 tonnes per each axle
  • good maneuverability and comfortable handling (with the steering angle of 60 degrees).

Besides, they have low maintenance costs and high residual value, which prove their effectiveness in practice.

Excavator trailer: the latest innovation of the company

In 2016, the Nooteboom company continued its move to the innovations. Their semi low loader with excavator trough became even more effective and versatile. It opened more opportunities for the transportation of various heavy pieces of machinery including the excavators and the other demolition vehicles or their elements. Thus, for instance, the boom arm might be easily placed on the trough. The axle distance for the trailers with the excavator trough varies from 1,360 mm to 1,510 mm.

The innovative creation evoked the international interest. Several trailers of such type were sold to the Van der Vlist company. It helped optimize and modernize their fleet. More and more companies all over the world are interested in such new loaders in order to use them for the safe and comfortable transportations. You can find information about them on the Internet with the key words. Note: trough in Deutsch is called trog. Trough en Español is referred to as hoyo.

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