Nooteboom offers an impressive choice of new & used vehicles

Nooteboom is a well-known manufacturer, which creates innovative trailers for the abnormal transport sphere. The number of vehicles is impressive. There are 2-6 axle trailers available for sale (including 6-axle flatbed trailer). Buying the new machinery, the operators can also select the most appropriate characteristics:

  • type of the trailer
  • type of the steering system: hydraulic/self-tracking
  • type of suspension: air/hydraulic.

yellow truck parked beside green tree during daytime

The company produces the following types of machinery:

  • drawbar trailers
  • semi low-loaders
  • teletrailers
  • modular trailers
  • tractors
  • cranes, etc.

Besides the new trailers, the Nooteboom offers the used vehicles. To make the heavy-duty transporters available, the company opened their Global Trailer Center. It is one of the largest dealers in Europe.

Among the used trailers, there are products of different manufacturers, which are proved to be reliable. Consider some of them:

  • Broshuis
  • DOLL
  • Floor
  • Goldhofer
  • Nicolas
  • Scheuerle, etc.

The prices of the used vehicles are much lower compared to the new ones. However, they are still efficient and relevant.

The company has not just 2, 3, 4 and 6-axle trailers for sale. They also offer used semi-trailer parts (such as axles). Used axles for trailers pass the required expertise, which proves their reliability, effectiveness, and safety. To observe the available top loader axles for sale, visit the website.

Nooteboom: general information

Nooteboom is a well-known manufacturer of the transporters for the heavy loads. Their vehicles are able to transport the equipment with different sizes and weights. The maneuverability, ease of operation, safety, and availability of their products made the company a leader of the European market.

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The great experience of the firm adds to its reputation. Nooteboom cooperates with the companies inside and outside Europe constantly expanding their connections.

Both new and used trailers, which Nooteboom offers, are cost-effective, comfortable for the driver, and multifunctional.